Spartanburg District One Released Time (D1RT)

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Since the fall of 2005, D1RT has been dedicated to teaching the Bible to middle school students weekly in each of the District One’s three middle schools and daily to our high school students for credit. D1RT serves more than 77 different churches, 15 denominations, and many students who have no church affiliation. Our students come to us from a wide variety of backgrounds and we happily serve all. We accept all races, nationalities, religions, and educational abilities. D1RT offers hope, wisdom, and personal insight to encourage our students. We believe it is never too late to build and maintain essential bridges to the hearts of our teens to help them establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We spend time with each teen, modeling prayer and devotion to God that will encourage each to grow in their own relationship with Him. This personal relationship is developed through independent Bible reading and reflection, prayer time, and Bible instruction. By arming our young people with the Biblical truths necessary to face challenges on a daily basis, D1RT is able to deliver the Word of God to our students and make a difference in their lives. D1RT has been able to put God, the Bible, and prayer back into our public school system.


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