Shield Ministries


The Mission of Shield Ministries is to teach men how to think, choose, and build correctly which promotes healing; to teach life skills to help men overcome obstacles by using biblical based principals and mentorship to promote accountability and responsibility; and to provide residential stability; all of which reduces homelessness and reduces recidivism. Shield Ministries offers the Sustain the Change Program which is a comprehensive, holistic approach consisting of classes, transitional housing, and mentorship which include: Healing for Damaged Emotions/Healing for Memories; 21 Day Brain Detox; Celebrate Recovery; Jobs for Life; Growing Bigger in Christ; His Way Mentorship Program; Worship Service, Life Skills classes and Spiritual counseling. Shield Ministries also assists men in the program with emergency food, clothing, and transportation in the first few weeks after admittance and assists with referrals to supporting agencies to meet basic needs.