Tri-County Veterans Support Network

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Tri-County Veterans Support Network is a 501(c)(3) comprised of many veteran service agencies from across the Charleston Tri-County area. We are committed to collaboratively working together to identify veterans and families in crisis in our community and help them navigate their way to stability. There are many difficulties our veterans face in their transition home. A major challenge is overcoming the loss of identity and direction upon exiting the military and many are ill prepared for reintegration into their community upon their return. In a word, stability is our objective but it will come in many different forms given the wide array of difficulties veterans and their families face. Exiting the military triggers an extremely stressful and life changing pivotal moment of introspective evaluation and reinvention to find a sense of value and life purpose. How they resolve this can have a tremendous impact on their future. Many are left deficient in coping with their difficulties and as they deal with the traumas of war, this added stress compounds their problems which can be extremely daunting and leave them feeling completely overwhelmed and without hope, creating any number of reactions from depression and isolation to rage or suicide. The Tri-County Veterans Support Network serves as a collaborative community “clearing house” or liaison to comprehensive supportive services for our veterans. We are the crossroads where a grateful community and our veterans meet. We serve them by proactively finding them in the community and working with other agencies within our network to assess the veteran and families needs, help them to come up with an action plan, give them practical tools to implement their plan and plug them in to the appropriate local, state and national resources to make their plan a reality. We accomplish this through coordinating a collaborative multidisciplinary community response with a network of many veteran service agencies throughout the community, offering services to our veterans focused in five main areas: health and wellness; basic needs assistance; education and vocational training; and employment and business development. Our ultimate goal is to have a replicable model for both metropolitan and rural areas, to give comprehensive support to our veterans that can be transplanted into communities across the country.


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