The Greenville House of Prayer

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The Greenville House of Prayer (GHOP), founded on May 8, 2007, is a community of disciples that serve Jesus and His Kingdom's purposes in Greenville, SC. GHOP is made up of believers from several congregations in our area that desire for Jesus to receive the glory that He deserves. We are committed to promoting and facilitating worship, prayer, and biblical discipleship to advance the Kingdom of God in our region. OUR MISSION: Our mission is to co-labor with Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ in promoting and facilitating worship and prayer in Greenville SC for the purpose of: Fulfilling the Great Commission. Uniting the Body of Christ. Exalting the Name of Jesus. Loving God and Loving People. These are the four mandates that FUEL our mission of contending for worship and prayer to be established in the Body of Christ in our city. OUR METHODS: GHOP works with the Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ to promote and facilitate worship and prayer in Greenville, SC by: 1.) Hosting worship and prayer gatherings in our city. 2.) Promoting worship and prayer gatherings city. 3.) Training and discipleship focused on/rooted in worship and prayer.


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