Barn Raising

Aireal of the barn

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries a barn raising was a very common activity. The community would come together to help their neighbors build or repair a barn. Every able-bodied member of the community was expected to participate and each person played an important role in the success of completing the task of building a barn. Just as the barn raisings of the past required the community pulling together to achieve their goal, purchasing and developing this new ministry is going to take all of us pulling together. Let’s come together to make Arrow Farm a reality! We are asking everyone to help by giving $10 or more per week for the next year. With the full help of the community of people that believe in this ministry we can take a huge step towards getting the BARN RAISED!  Journey Together Ministries is raising funds to purchase a farm to develop it into a faith based boarding school for children from difficult situations at no fault of their own. For more information you can email me at

$320 of $250,000 goal

Contributed by 3 people in about 3 years