250 $25.00 Drive

Graduation class 1 of 2018

The Lord has given us a great vision for 2018. We ask that you pray and join us in our 250 for $25 Giving campaign. The Lord specifically has given us the vision of 250 individuals, churches, Sunday School Classes, Home Groups, Nonprofits, Businesses and agencies contributing $25 per month as seed to increase discipleship efforts and plant a mighty army of men that will fight the good fight of Faith in Christ Jesus and not only finish the course but advance the Kingdom of God! The Sustain the Change Housing Program is an intensive Discipleship Program that ministers to men who are homeless due to their criminal background and/or substance abuse. Many of the men are exiting from the SC Department of Corrections and literally have no where else to go. These men participate in a minimum of 18 months of classes Healing of Memories and Damaged Emotions; Jobs for Life; Brain Detox; and mentorship through His Way Ministries. Many of the men are registered sex offenders and due to probation restrictions cannot attend local church. Shield Ministries holds weekly worship services. Pictured below with Pastor Truluck are the first 2018 Graduates.

$100 of $75,000 goal

Contributed by 1 people in over 2 years

Items Needed

Need assistance in various administrative tasks.

Web application development and web page and Facebook administration.

The Jobs For Life Program involves Business Leaders speaking to the class sharing what employers are looking for when hiring.