Matipan house

The Matipan Project

We know that God has made this dream possible for us. God is faithful. We have been praying for a house that we call our home. During our 50 days of Prayer 2014, we went before the Lord with this petition. We asked my sister if she knew what the family was doing with the house that belonged to her ex-mother-in-law who had passed away some years ago. My sister found out that the family was not doing anything with the house. She proceeded to tell them our story. The family said they really did not know why they were holding onto the house. God knew though, so we kept on praying. Then one day we met siblings who told us that they all were in agreement to give us the house knowing that their parents would approve. Their parent's raised them to be caring and sharing people. Not knowing the true condition of the house, we thought that we could move in and just have the kitchen area repaired. We have been living with family and friends for the past 4 1/2 years with no place to truly call our own. Now God has blessed us with this house. Presently, we are living off of my husband, Gerald's Social Security check and my part-time job which does not cover all of our expenses. We don't have the funds necessary to make the house handicap accessible for him nor for any of the repairs that are so desperately needed to be done in order for this house to be livable. With the remodeling on this house, we hope to have a better quality of life than we have been living for the past couple of years. This will bring our family back together under one roof. Our desire is to make this house a home for many years to come; a place where new memories can be made and shared for the rest of our lives. We are praying that this home will be a beacon of light in our neighborhood so that people will know that our home is where the Lord Jesus dwells. During this whole process, we have been and will continue to give God all the glory, for it is He who has put such a wonderful project together. We are truly grateful for all of your help.

Goal: $80,000 Grossed